Raspberry PI garage door opener for Merlin 230T using AWS IoT and AWS Lambda

Couple of days ago when I came back home I found out that I forgot to take the main door keys. And it took more than 2 hours before my wife was back home and I could go in. while waiting for her to come I was wishing if I could open my garage door via phone :) . So I decided to setup some basic stuff so that I can open my garage door remotely

I have a Merlin 230T garage door opener, almost all the garage doors have manual open option. Did a simple test with a wire by connecting the manual endpoints. All I needed in hardware was a raspberry pi, a relay and some wire connectors.

Software solution is really simple, Raspberry has a node.js app running which listens to a topic hosted on AWS IoT. There is an API endpoint in AWS which triggers a lambda function which publishes to the same AWS IoT topic. Once a message is received in AWS IoT it notifies the node.js app and that app then triggers the garage opening circuit to toggle the garage state

AWS IoT Diagram

Raspberry PI circuit, just a relay connected to GPIO

Raspberry PI Garage Opener

Here is how the final solution looks like, I will post the code to my github account

Raspberry PI Merlin Garage Opener

Yay now I can open my garage door remotely from anywhere